Pelitt Tempo
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Pelitt TEMPO is the right tempo!
A new rugged smartphone Pelitt TEMPO encourages all users to stand on the exciting way of life. The device has the protected and elegant case, a strong QUAD-core processor that provides high power in the long-life battery, extended memory by 16 GB microSD/SDHC card for the active use of multimedia functions and applications. The rugged smartphone has the 4th generation wireless mobile modern (LTE) and OS Android 5.1 Lollipop that boost the quality and speed of work.

Rugged smartphone for outdoors.
With Pelitt TEMPO on the top of Alps, before parachute jump or during car racing you only feel inspiration and confidence, no weight in your hands. The device is light and the body is solid. The rugged design is fairly unique being shockproof, water and dust protected that the available IP68 international certification confirms. Special rubber plugs cover all connectors and slots are highly protected from the dust and liquid. The battery cover with a plastic rugged coating is mounted on two metal screws. For the protection of the display glass,we used special plastic which is three times thicker than the ordinary glass of smartphones.

Long-time navigation and communication in trips!
Smartphone Pelitt TEMPO is a stable social media platform that provides on-line services and communication by calls or messages.
LTE module with the support of all European bands determines the most beneficial and competitive specification feature. Every user will appraise faster Internet on the territory of the European and many overseas countries, longer applications and game sessions.
GPS system will navigate properly and continuously during the travelling by car, motorbike or bicycle, and in all weather conditions. Wi-Fi hotspots (b/g/n standards) are available for connection and Bluetooth 4.0 provides the data exchange in the remote places without Wi-Fi or the Internet access. Bluetooth low energy (BLE) feature will save the battery power and prolong its life.

Become stronger, faster and more powerful with Pelitt TEMPO.
Pelitt TEMPO is a great companion for great people in great places. This is an extremely capable device which makes the owner resilient and prosperous. Battery with the capacity 2600 mAh gives 20 hours of talks and about 50 days in standby mode. So you don’t need to care about charger plug during the long trip in the forest or mountains.

The best opportunities, which the rugged body carefully protects, can be discovered with the first access to the menu of the device. The interface of the rugged smartphone is intuitive for a quick navigation of the Menu which recollects all outstanding apps from Google Play Store.

Multimedia options will entertain, educate and inform.
Camera 8.0 MP is able to give focused photos and videos to catch the most challenging moments and make them professional with the picture editor, choosing the default effects or create your own colors or borders. Using the photo sharing or video calls you will become closer and broke the real distance. FM- radio, book reader, audio- and video player are the best entertainments during the minutes of loneliness or calm rest. With the advanced functionality of the Audio & Video Player, you can easily discover new movies and music tracks, store them and make your own best collection. With the favorite FM-radio, you will enjoy the fresh news or ready-to-listen playlist.

ONLY wide opportunities and NO limitations!
Pelitt TEMPO will be popular among the lovers of the premium rugged design and workers of the fire emergency, building, police or medical structures. A high performance of the device with additional options such as DUAL-SIM and Flashlight, shockproof, water and dust protection, LTE module for a quick connection and exchanging the files, images, videos. With 4 inch display, it is very comfortable to watch movies, read books and check documents in different formats. Pelitt TEMPO has no limitations and a huge quantity of benefits!
Technical features
IPS 4.0”
MSM 8909 1.2 GHz (QUAD Core)
2600 mAh
2.0 MP (front) + 8.0 MP (back)
1 GB RAM + 8 GB Flash
WVGA 480x800 pix.
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Pelitt Rock – it is not just another regular phone!
Pelitt Group SE introduces a new mobile phone for the extreme lovers and for those who regularly overcome difficulties and barriers. Pelitt Rock – the rugged mobile phone, equipped with the dust- and waterproof body, confirms the international standards IP67.