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Pelitt brand opens new horizons for adventurers and extremals with model Pelitt  Stone. Pelitt Stone is one of the best secure phones on the market in the middle price range. The battery has a capacity of 2570 mAh it will be enough to stay alive for 7 weeks in standby mode! Pelitt Stone has received waterproof/dustproof casing, slots for two SIM-cards & the 2.0 MP camera.

Over the circumstances

Pelitt Stone works flawlessly where other devices will fail - under water, in the desert, in the cold or under the scorching sun. Workability officially confirms by the International certificate of protection IP67. The uniquely designed housing protects the system board and other important components of the device.

Unmatched protection

Pelitt  Stone raises the bar of durability and reliability! The side faces of a new model are protected with plates from a special aluminum alloy. Pelitt  Stone without prejudice works after the drop resistance and hundreds of kilos of static pressure due to strong metal armor attached tech screws and rugged rubber!

Athletic endurance

With the new mobile phone you can for a long time stay connected away from civilization and charger socket. Pelitt  Stone has a 2570 mAh battery, which capacity is comparable to the batteries of a premium smartphone. A battery life last nearly a twenty-four hours of continuous talks, a few weeks of limited daily use and about 2 months in a standby mode.

All that is necessary already inside!

Pelitt Stone has special software and user interface which was specially adapted for our customers. All functions are clear and easy to use. With the functional media player, you will be able to listen to music or watch videos on the go, under the area of the FM-radio coverage, you will always be aware of the latest news. The model has a 3.5 mm jack for earphones that allows you to connect any compatible headphones.Pelitt  Stone has built-in photo / video camera with a real resolution of 2.0 megapixels. The camera will help you to capture the bright moments of your life.

Extended completeness

Together with the device customers receive replacement rubber plugs and convenient lanyard with the compass. The mobile phone can be attached to belts, bags, clothes leaving your hands free which are very comfortable.

Technical features
176х220 pix.
8 MB RAM + 16 MB Flash
2.0 MP
2570 mAh
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