Pelitt P-618
The most advanced charging system and the winner of many shows and exhibitions is all you can say about our Pelitt P-618. On the bottom there are 4 smart ports which adjust the power according to your gadgets' needs. Also on the bottom with the help of our velcro system you can hide all extra cable lenght so the station looks neat and accurate.
Technical features
The Velcro system for a tidy desk
or table top
Holder for charging units
4 Smart ports
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AC 100-240, 50-60 Hz
USB output
5V 2.4A (Max)
Total output
USB*4: 5V 8A (Max)
Product Features
4 USB sockets
Additional Information
4 USB ports with high capacity. Fast charge for smartphones and tablets. Velcro cable management system.
15.4*11.4*8.5 cm
305 g
Package Contents
Charging station Pelitt P-618, AC power cable, Velcro straps
If using four USB port at the same time, what is the output for each?
P-618 will allot 4.5A to all the output port intelligently. That means, if the device is a tablet, the output
should be 2.1A or 2.4A. If the device is a mobile phone, the output should be 1A.
If only using one USB, what is the output?
Single USB output max 2.4A
Can I use P-618 to charge my Bluetooth headset which just needs 500mA?
Yes. The smart port can charger it.
What’s the smart port?
Smart port has built-in a smart output control IC, will automatically recognized how many amps is needed to charge the mobile device. So it has wider compatibility, should be working with ALL known mobile devices on the market. Such as the older versions of Samsung tab, 5V ASUS tablet and more.
How to make full use of the Velcro system to help and keep charging cables hidden?
1.Coil the cable into a roll
2. Bind cable with Velcro
3.Adjust the cable length (around 35 cm)
4.Connect cables to Pelitt P-618
At last, connect P-618 to wall outlet via attached AC power cable.
How to charge mobile devices?
Step 1 Plug AC power cable into P-618 power port.
Step 2 Connect P-618 to wall outlet via AC power cable.
Step 3 Connect mobile device to P-618 charging port via correct USB charging cable.

Note: Apple users, please use the original charging cable. And the Velcro straps will help to manage them.